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's kind express toll lane will open on interstate 680. >> the drivers will use the new 14-mile southbound expressway lane from pleasetantton to milpitas. it allows you to use the lane for a price. that starts out at just 30 cents when there's no traffic but as the freeway gets more congested, the price goes up to as much as $6. drivers need a fas trak transponder and signs alert the drivers to the designated entry and exit points. we'll have a live report from jenelle wang in the next half hour and megan will have traffic updates throughout the morning. >> traffic use has grown since 2006 when officials set a goal of 70% usage. the latest survey shows that goal has almost been reached with 68.6% of bridge users now having fas trak. the number of morning drivers on the bay bridge using fas trak has nearly doubled to nearly 77%. >> pg&e could release a list of its 100 riskiest pipeline locations as soon as today. this comes after pressure from federal and state leaders including governor schwarzenegger. the utility isn't saying exactly what it plans to do but it could release the list along
thomas. >> in just a few hours, the san mateo county coroner will give us an update on the number of victims of the san bruno explosion and fire and dozens of residents are wondering what happens next after they took an emotional tour of their neighborhood last night. terry mcsweeney is live. >> some people don't want to go back? >> even though they can. the coroner expected to update us today on the number of dead. we have four officially dead. three of them have been i.d.'d publicly. last night there was a townhall meeting at the church of the highlands. hundreds of people turned out and many questioned the wisdom of going back. jackie spear is there is offering assurance. >> the truth of the matter is this kind of explosion is extremely rare. it's happened maybe two times in the country. >> it's still running through a neighborhood. it's under my house. there are areas of the pipe that you can't access. >> some people have no home to return to. they were given a bus tour yesterday what remains of their home. some have been red-tagged and some homes have been demolished by last
. always sounds good to say that. friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with a stunning new possibility in the investigation into the san bruno blast this morning. pg&e are looking into a bacterial cause and what's most frightening is it can be found anywhere. jenelle is live with the latest. jenelle? >> kristen, this has happened before ten years ago in the new mexico desert. a 13-inch transmission line just like the one that ran through the san bruno neighborhood ruptured killing 3 young children. called influence corrosion. microbes that go undetected in a tiny pool of stagnant water in the pipeline and eating away at the metal causing it to corrode. pg&e told state regulators last year that there was ongoing concern about the potential for internal corrosion along the 46-mile pipeline that ran from san francisco through san bruno down to milpitas. the corrosion has shown up in several tests along the line. an environmental microbe biologist outside of pg&e said any pipe as old as this one could have microbes hiding inside of it. the o
.m.. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. a suspect was killed in a shoot without with police tuesday night. officers are still looking for another potential victim. terry mcsweeney is live in hercules and that's where this all began, terry. >> yeah. a fight over a woman appears to be the reason for two of the killings. but there are two other killings that are still unexplained. it's a very involved case. let's start by taking a look at the suspect and the woman he was interested in, 38-year-old valued marrow and cindy tran. he was killed tuesday night after a high-speed chase. she was found in the car strangled. he had kidnapped her earlier in the day. now, the house owned tran where valdamro lived on and off in hercules is where police arrived saturday to find the body of 73-year-old ricardo, his son frederick missing, still missing. police looking for him. some say valdamro was dating tran and that's why they fought. >> that did seem to be the issue. >> an acquaintance of mr. valdamro does not bode well for having a long life. >> today hercules police w
for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's get you the latest. one person is dead, confirmed dead, 20 injured and hundreds more homeless this morning after the natural gas explosion ignited a fire storm in san bruno. >> several homes are still burning more than ten hours after that massive fireball engulfed the neighborhood. the flames destroyed 53 homes, damaged another 120 at least. firefighters tell us they've contained about 50% of this fire but there's no word on when residents will be allowed back in to see what's left of their homes. >> we have several reports for you this morning, eric. >> our coverage begins with terry mcsweeney near where the gas main ruptured. terry's going to walk us through what happened. good morning. >> yeah. i've gotta tell you the latest right now is that the san bruno police are moving all the media an additional block away from the scene. a scene that has been declared a crime scene by san bruno police. eric, you were asking me a few minutes ago if it was something more sinister than just making sure that the police can totally control the
. theresa garcia is on the scene and will be joining us live with more on this breaking story in just a few minutes. we're also following developing news in san francisco where right now an intersection is closed as police investigate a nasty early morning accident that sent four people to the hospital. this happened at the intersection of chestnut. two cars collided and look at that, one of them flipped. all four people taken to the hospital are said to have serious injuries. no word on when that intersection will be open. frances will be keeping an eye on that. >> the latest on the deadly gas line explosion in san bruno. this morning officials plan to warn homeowners about fraudulent contractors who may try to scam those looking to rebuild. the city is putting a price tag so far on last week's disaster. private property sustained more than $31 million in damage. that includes 37 homes which were destroyed and another 19 which need major repairs. the disaster caused more than $6.5 million to public property including streets and sidewalks. the national transportation safety board expects t
the morning with a fatal accident. we have theresa garcia that's going to bring us a live report. on the freeways though it's looking good with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. oakland police hope to release more information about two separate sexual assaults on women walking near lake merit. the attacks happened sunday night in what police describe as secluded areas of the neighborhood. the victims were walking home when the man accosted, robbed and assaulted them. the same person may be responsible for both attacks. the victim say the man was carrying an undisclosed weapon. police are warning residents to stay in well-lighted populated areas and pay specific attention to their surroundings when getting in and out of their cars. in south san jose, sheriff deputies and offering a warning along jogging trails. a woman jogging alone, a trail on snow road, the attacker pushed a woman into an ak -- aqueduct and then tried to sexually assault her. they're trying to determine if he was r
plaza says no delays but you'll definitely need to use your wipers in san francisco. >> you will indeed on this wednesday morning. >> and the santa clara city planning commission meets today to consider major zoning changes needed for the proposed 49ers stadium. so whether you're at the 49ers stadium or elsewhere close to the coast, you may need your windshield wipers this morning. that's to save myself after the last comment. 4:31 on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. a reprieve for three richmond schools. they'll stay open one extra year after the city council approved spending $1.5 million to keep them open. the vote came before midnight to save kennedy high school and two elementary schools through the 2011-2012 school year. the meeting was packed with worried parents and officials. they settled a suit with chevron for $113 million. but the council has a warning. >> they have to get their act together. we can no longer have the city of richmond be atm every time they have a problem and they threaten us. >> the west contra costa school board p
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monday morning. 4:30 a.m.. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with the latest developments on the san bruno fire at 4:30. the casualty count stands at four confirmed dead and four others still missing. two missing residents were located yesterday safe and sound. ntsb investigators are taking the ruptured section of pipe now to washington d.c. where it will be reconnected on both ends from sections removed from the crater. they have ordered pg&e to immediately step up inspections of its gas pipeline system statewide and this morning at 10:00, the owners of 48 red tagged homes deemed unsafe will get further instructses how to proceed with disaster assistance. >> the investigation so far has not determined just how the fire ignited or what might have caused the pipeline to leak before the blast. allen wang reports on federal investigators who need firsthand accounts details the blast site both before and immediately after the initial explosion. >> mtsb investigators are turning their attention to the anatomy of the explosion. the 28 foot se
brown was scheduled to die tomorrow night at 9:00 but the court ordered u.s. district judge jeremy fogel to reconsider his decision. he wants to review the state's new lethal injection procedure. the state has invited fogel to visit the san quentin death chamber to clear up questions he might have about new procedures. >> an 8th person has died as a result of that natural gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. 58-year-old james franco was critically burned. he was taken off life support sunday. he rented a room downfrom where the pipeline exploded. his friends of 44 years is making the funeral arrangements. >> it's pretty dramatic when people disappear that rapidly. you're never prepared for that. >> franco grew up in pacifica and loved to surf. friends say he was loyal and generous. the home he lived in is slated to be demolished this week. >> the antioch city council voted 4-1 to allow the expansion of its wal-mart store without a review. they had concern about traffic, unfair competition and crime that might come with a 125,000 square foot superstore. they have undergone lengthy review
bride celebration returned ending a six-year absence. >> thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, police say they'll return to a pittsburgh landfill this morning for a fourth day of searching. they're looking for this man, frederick salas. they believe he could be the fifth victim in a string of bizarre murders, possibly at the hands of one man. as cecilia vega reports, the search turned upping in. >> this landfill was supposed to be the biggest lead for investigators searching for salas. after sifting through 3,000 tons of debris in the landfill, there still are no new clues. >> unfortunately all the effort they've put in, they have yielded no results. >> it was a result of a week-long investigation that led searchers to the keller canyon landfill in the first place. valdamora worked at this park. unless something turns up soon, it could be back to square one. >> they're going to continue until they have come to the end, until they have found something or completed a search of the entire area. >> they fear salas could be the fifth victim in the st
-around is several months away. it's 4:31. thank you for joining us. >> san francisco police have two suspects in custody following a fatal shooting and assault on two people inside a bayview district home. it happened after 11:00 last night when two suspects knocked on a front door. the man who opened the door got into an aringment. the quarrel turned physical and one of the suspects shot and killed the man at the door. a second victim in the house was assaulted and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> federal investigators are trying to determine whether the san bruno fire began as a slow gas leak or the pipeline breaking up all at once. four are confirmed dead and three are still missing. the explosion and fire destroyed 37 homes and significantly damaged 19 others. so far 321 residents have been allowed to return home. ntsb investigators received almost 90 e-mails from people in the area who smelled gas before the fire which could suggest a leak rather than a catastrophic failure. but only one reported gas smell to pg&e and that was several weeks before the fire. th
the day ahead. thank you for joining us this tuesday. >> we have powerful air conditioning in here and you're probably turning yours on as well. >> mike, how was today compared to yesterday? >> it will be a lot like yesterday, hot everywhere but the coast. in the east bay and also into the south bay. everybody else should be in the moderate category so no problem with ground-based ozone. those with air quality problems, elderly and respiratory problems and the young. could be records again. near 100 santa rosa, concord, fairfield, antioch, livermore, morgan hill. upper 90s san jose and also palo alto up to napa and san rafael. another scorcher. we'll show you that seven-day forecast and the cooling that's on the way. here's kristen and eric with more news. >> in the news, breaking news out of oakland where a six-year-old girl has been hit by gunfire while she was sleeping inside her home. it happened 2:45 this morning on east 16th street. it appears two to three gunmen opened fire on the home. the young girl was grazed. her mother was also asleep inside the house, was not hit. the girl was
, the cool sea breeze is here but won't touch all of us today but will through the weekend. >> caltrain has issued a full freeway closure now in hayward and hercules. we'll have a look at your friday morning road work coming up. >> we will indeed. it is 4:31 this friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off. hours from now herc please police and other agencies will search a pittsburgh landfill for the possible fifth victim in a string of murders involving a hercules man shot and killed earlier this week by chp officers. they're looking for the body of frederick salas. his father was murdered last week and the primary suspect in that case valadamoro was shot and killed last week. more information about the confrontation that may have started the rampage. >> he walked from the fight with a black eye. he told police one of his girlfriend's tenants ricardo salas woke him up and started punching him. the police officer wrote in his report, "i saw ricardo on top of valdamoro lying face down on the floor. valdamoro was completely naked. the son joined in in the fight. but
hollyfield tells us more. >> a collage of pictures greeted mourners showing the vibrant life of these two victims. jackie and her daughter vanessa. >> they saw a video of vanessa. >> this video is her giving her reflex on the catholic faith and her confirmation ceremony in may. her words were so profound, they inspired the priest who will be giving the homily at her funeral tomorrow. >> i looked at it about three times. she spoke to me. i want to use her words. >> jackie and vanessa died a week ago in the san bruno explosion and fire that killed at least four people. >> i want people to know that this should never have happened. that they didn't deserve -- they were home making dinner, doing homework. >> janessa was an eighth grader, president of the student council, a dancer and honor student. her classmates are determined to keep her memory alive. >> she's part of this class of 2011 and she's a big part of it. we're not going to forget that. we're keeping her picture up. right now her desk is here with all her things in it. >> the sudden death of the two has made them realize the import
but rather was invited to use scare tactics or scare straight tactics to keep the boy from heading down the wrong path. even so, the san jose veteran motorcycle cop is now on administrative leave and being investigated by the district attorney's office to see whether he committed a criminal false imprisonment. the boy's parents feel the officer abused his authority. the parents say the officer pulled up to their house in full uniform after their shift ended, berated and warned the boy to stay away from his daughter and handcuffed and told him he could face sexual assault charges. later he unlocked the cuffs telling his parents he just wanted to scare the boy. legal analyst dean johnson calls the officer's actions an unwise move. >> anytime a police officer is personally involved in the case where his relative or a close friend is a complaining witness or a party to the case in any way, the best practice would be for the police officer to refer it to another investigator. >> the boy's stepfather video recorded some of the encounter on his cellphone and the parents reported the incident t
filed claims for pg&e gift cards worth $2,000. police say he obtained one using his real name and another using an alias. he also got 11 hotel stays and a rental car. >> this morning the oakland police union is going public about its disagreement with the city about rehiring some of the 80 officers laid off in july. the oakland tribune reports more than 14 officers have retired or quit the police force since july. the department now has 682 officers. that's the fewest in 16 years. the police union says the city's budget has money for 696 officers but officials have refused to let the department hire anyone. the city administrator says it doesn't make sense to bring back the officers for a few months when it's likely they'll be laid off again on january 1st if a new parcel tax isn't approved in the november election. >> school board officials in alameda are allowing the community a chance to give opinions about a chance to close and consolidate nine schools over the next two years. the alameda unified school district is considering a consolidation proposal to create megaschools
for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news with gruesome developments. a man killed in a shoot-out with chp officers may be linked to as many as three people's deaths, three murders. two bodies were found this morning. right now officers are searching the suspect's home. in fact two areas for explosives. terry mcsweeney is live at the richmond mall where the shoot-out took place. terry, you just talked to police officers and got an update. what are we hearing? >> richmond police are telling me up in vallejo right now they are taking a look at the suspect's home. they have found two more bodies in that house. they have also found explosives there so they are calling in the bomb squad to that house to check it out. they're also calling bomb squad to the situation here at richmond at the 99 ranch market. this is where murder suspect edward valdmaro was shot following a freeway chase. the suspect in two killings -- check that -- four killings. they're believed tied to valdamaro. also a woman in a car out here. his girlfriend, she was shot and killed. an off
the karan on saturday. the state department is ordering u.s. embassies to assess security for violence. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, police are investigating an overnight homicide in east oakland where the victim was actually killed with his own gun. it happened after 10:00 last night when a group of men were eating at a taco truck parked at a lot near 44th avenue and international boulevard. another group of men drove up, there was some kind of dispute. one of the men who had been eating took out a gun and fired it. there was a scuffle and somebody grabbed the gun and shot him dead. >> the victims, witnesses and police all agree that a chain reaction crash in oakland could have been much worse. a driver claims his dump truck lost its brakes and he had no way to stop tons of steel before plowing into 13 other vehicles. abc 7's amy hollyfield explains. >> the driver of this dump truck said he felt like he was floating when he realized his brakes weren't working and he was barreling out of control to a line of cars. >> the whole way down, all i can say. just oh, go
're used to. >> a. c. transit is in a contract dispute with its labor union and officials say if the union would make some compromises, some of these cuts could be prevented. if that doesn't happen, the cuts will go into effect in december. in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> bart is looking for additional revenue. its board is set to me to consider selling more advertising. bart is looking at selling the naming rights to stations adding television monitors and striations and trains and putting up more wrap-around ads to raise extra cash. bart was one of the few transit agencies in the nation to end the fiscal year with a budget surplus. the board of presidents wants to develop more revenue options for possible problems in the future. bart directors are set to vote whether to rename the pleasant hill bart station. the contra costa times reports several business groups in the county redevelopment agency want to change the name of the station to pleasant hill contra costa center. those groups would cover the cost of the name change which includes new station signs, maps and schedules.
. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. another warm day across the bay area. with the high temperatures, pg&e is asking all bay area customers to conceive electricity after an equipment problem knocked out power saturday evening. they ask you to close windows and blinds before it gets very hot. you're being asked to turn off any unused lights and appliances and set your thermostat at 75 degrees or higher if you don't plan to be at home. >> all good ideas. mike joins us with more with expected heat and spare the air. >> the poor air quality continues to build along with the heat. good morning to you on this monday. we can't escape it in the east bay valleys and in the santa clara valley. that's where we'll find the poorest air quality. everybody else should be moderate and below the threshold of unhealthy levels. you can see the 1 hundreds fairfield concord livermore, 95 san jose, 89 oakland 87 san francisco today. monterey at 79 but 89 santa cruz and 100 degree temperatures morgan hill and gilroy. we'll talk about a sli
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